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Network lab with User Mode Linux | Vincent Bernat

All those tools are a great way to setup your network lab. Look at them! If you want to setup a virtual network lab for educational purpose, one of those should fit your purpose. However, none of those solution were a perfect match for me. I did not want to maintain some root filesystem. I wanted my lab to start in a few seconds. I wanted to keep all configuration files (including the ones for the virtual hosts) into one subdirectory of my home and be able to modify them while the lab was running. I also wanted to be able to plug some Cisco router using Dynamips/Dynagen.

None of the listed solution above matched all those criteria. Therefore, I setup my own lab script with User Mode Linux. This is not a complete solution, but is more like a home-made solution to match one particular need. You cannot use the final result without tweaking it. Again, look at the other solutions first.

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