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This morning many BGPmon.net users received an alert regarding a possible prefix hijack by AS23724. Normally AS23724 CHINANET-IDC-BJ-AP IDC, China Telecommunications Corporation only originates about 40 prefixes, however today for about 15 minutes they originated about ~37,000 unique prefixes that are not assigned to them. This is what we typically call a prefix hijack.
This incident follows another concerning incident from China 2 weeks ago.

Although it seems they have leaked a whole table, only about 10% of these prefixes propagated outside of the Chinese network. These include prefixes for popular websites such as dell.com, cnn.com, www.amazon.de, www.rapidshare.com and www.geocities.jp.
A large number of networks impacted this morning were actually Chinese networks. These include some popular Chinese website such as
www.joy.cn , www.pconline.com.cn , www.huanqiu.com, www.tianya.cn and www.chinaz.com
A list of all prefixes that were announced/hijacked can be found here

The event has been detected globally by peers in The Netherland, UK, Rusia, Italy, Sweded USA, Japan and Brazil. However not all individual prefix ‘hijacks’ were detected globally, many only by a few peers, in one or 2 countries, but some by more.

Chinese ISP hijacked 10% of the Internet | BGPmon.net Blog
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