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Maximum Momentum Router


Karl Auerbach originally shared:

I had forgotten my list of IP router improvements:

Replace It Anyway (RIA) route table entry update system.

Black-Hole Convergence with Poison Perverse and Dualistic Event Horizons.

Loudest Path First Routing (LPFR)

Zero-Bit Removal (ZBR) link compression.

Virtual Primitive Networks (VPN) with RSI encryption.

Domestic Boarder/Lodger Gateway Protocol (DBLGP)

Anti-Dissonance Route Flapping with Psychotic Damping.

Enhanced Quality of Service Life (E-QoS-L)

Twelve Step fault recovery system

Bacchanalian solutions to the Lusty Philosopher problem.

Dueling Modular Power systems.

Psycho-Adaptive Switching Grid with Polychromatic mapping

(All this and more is in my sort of forgotten CaveBear Catalog - https://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/catalogue/maximum-momentum-router.html )

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