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finkregh is the prefix that serves one of Google’s Open DNS servers, which is available at
A few hours ago was announced by AS30890 (EVOLVA Evolva Telecom s.r.l.), a provider from Romania.

This ‘Hijack’ lasted for about 7 minutes, and was detected by 14 RIS peers in 4 unique countries. The majority of these networks learned this announcement through AS6939. hijack, open dns hijack, google

This is the second time in a month that Google is affected by a hijack. Last month on July 9th, AS42473 (ANEXIA) a provider from Austria announced a more specific of one of Google’s prefixes.
The prefix was announced by AS42473. This is a more specific of, a prefix that hosts many of Google’s public services.
This announcement was later identified as a copy paste mistake, and quickly resolved after the engineers of AS42473 detected the mistake.

Google's services redirected to Romania and Austria | BGPmon.net Blog
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