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April 21 2017

Trump Tweets His Book Recommendation Which Is Perfectly Suited To His Literacy Level


Trump Tweets His Book Recommendation Which Is Perfectly Suited To His Literacy Level

And about that “book recommendation.”

Speaking from decades of personal experience, this is what passes for the height of humor among the Pig People.

A book about why to vote for Democrats that is…just blank pages!

Get it?!

Get it?!

All the pages are blank!

From the very-nearly post-pubescent “cultural correspondent” for crackpot Conservative shitepile “Daily Wire” (Motto: “The Daily Wire: When Breitbart is too hoity-toity and World Net Daily popup ads are too distracting.”), pimped vigorously by Fox and Friends (Motto: “Fox and Friends: When Hannity is too hoity-toity and the sound of Mark Levin’s voice makes your fillings hurt.”) and favorably reviewed by Ben Shapiro, who has spent most of his short, execrable career feeding the Wingnut Beast, and the last several months being chomped by that same Wingnut Beast.

And all the pages are blank!

Do you get it?!

Do you get it?!

Yes, among the double-wide denizens of Sisterf*ck, Arkansas, this is pure, Algonquin round-table shite.

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March 29 2017

More Symantec News – The Isoblog.

tl;dr: every certificate store that does not have a path away from Symantec etc is not trustworthy…

Kristian Köhntopp originally shared:

Google has been very kind with Symantec - complete CA meltdown. http://blog.koehntopp.info/index.php/1337-more-symantec-news/

»If you purchased a Symantec certificate (or a cert from any of their associated subsidiaries and partners) through a third party, from at least as far back as early 2013 until recently; their third party certificate generation, management, and retrieval API allowed those certificates… including in some cases private keys generated by third parties… to be retrieved without proper authentication, or in some cases any authentication at all.«

March 24 2017

London attack: British-born attacker 'known to MI5' - BBC News

Local-born and known to police and intelligence services.

Every. Single. Time.

This is in a country with some of the most sweeping and invasive surveillance laws. In a city where there’s probably not a square inch of pavement not covered by a camera. In a country where any person can be detained, and have their belongings confiscated, and be arrested for saying “I don’t know” to a question, in any port of entry.

Eroding liberty to prevent terrorism doesn’t prevent terrorism, it just erodes liberty.

February 08 2017

Maximum Momentum Router


Karl Auerbach originally shared:

I had forgotten my list of IP router improvements:

Replace It Anyway (RIA) route table entry update system.

Black-Hole Convergence with Poison Perverse and Dualistic Event Horizons.

Loudest Path First Routing (LPFR)

Zero-Bit Removal (ZBR) link compression.

Virtual Primitive Networks (VPN) with RSI encryption.

Domestic Boarder/Lodger Gateway Protocol (DBLGP)

Anti-Dissonance Route Flapping with Psychotic Damping.

Enhanced Quality of Service Life (E-QoS-L)

Twelve Step fault recovery system

Bacchanalian solutions to the Lusty Philosopher problem.

Dueling Modular Power systems.

Psycho-Adaptive Switching Grid with Polychromatic mapping

(All this and more is in my sort of forgotten CaveBear Catalog - https://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/catalogue/maximum-momentum-router.html )

February 06 2017

January 13 2017

Ungarn erwägt generelle Inhaftierung von Asylbewerbern

Und da können die ja auch gleich für ihr Dach über den Kopf arbeiten…

Au weia.

Marco Modano originally shared:

Ungarn erwägt die Einführung einer generellen “fremdenpolizeilichen Schutzhaft” für Asylbewerber. “Im Sinne einer solchen Regelung würde sich niemand im Land frei bewegen, niemand das Land oder die Transitzonen verlassen können”, sagte Kanzleramtsminister Janos Lazar am Donnerstag vor der Presse in Budapest. Die Inhaftierung soll bis zum rechtskräftigen Abschluss des jeweiligen Asylverfahrens dauern.

August 04 2016

Bedside Notepad • bead-bead: snubbingapollo: houndsheart: ...

Fuck yeah

Kevin Veale originally shared:

Everyone’s heard that pirate’s call each other “matey”. What you probably haven’t heard is that the word matey comes from “matelote”.

In the Caribbean this word was used between buccaneers to signify a life partner. Matelotes could inherit from each other, shared space, fought together, could speak for each other when one was incapacitated or absent, and more often than not the relationship was romantic and sexual.

That’s right folks. Pirates had a term for their gay life partners.

June 07 2016

Per Dienstanweisung Menschenwürde missachten müssen

Eine Fallmanagerin des Jobcenters Osterholz weigerte sich, die ihrer Ansicht nach rechtswidrige Sanktionspraxis umzusetzen, weil sie damit Menschen bewusst in existenzielle Not gebracht hätte. Sie klagt beim Arbeitsgericht gegen die unzulässige Verwaltungspraxis. Eine Hintergrundberichterstattung und ein Amicus-Curiae-Brief des DPWV Bundesverbands. Mehr dazu hier: http://tacheles-sozialhilfe.de/startseite/aktuelles/d/n/2024 #hartziv

June 04 2016

Affäre Anfang 2015 kam heraus, dass Computer in der taz-Redaktion mehr als ein…

Affäre Anfang 2015 kam heraus, dass Computer in der taz-Redaktion mehr als ein Jahr lang mit einem Keylogger ausgespäht wurden. Was ist passiert? Und was ist geblieben? Eine Recherche, die im eigenen Haus beginnt – und nach Asien führt. Dateiname LOG.TXT. von Martin Kaul, Sebastian Erb …

May 25 2016

Alle 20 Minuten: EU-Kommission erlaubt deutlich mehr Fernsehwerbung - Golem.de

Wow, die EU-Kommission verabschiedet eine Förderung für Netflix, Amazon & Co ;-)

May 24 2016

May 11 2016

German Bundesliga rivals in bridge colour spat - BBC News


Armin Grewe originally shared:

The next time someone from Germany complains about the research ship not being named Boaty McBoatface and it being overruled being undemocratic I’ll just point them to this:

May 07 2016

Eugen Block: "Wie die Mutter der Kompanie" | ZEIT ONLINE

Au weia…

Thomas Eichhorn (Tom) originally shared:

So, damit ihr wisst, wo ihr euer Geld lasst, wenn ihr zu Blockhouse geht:

Er habe bei der letzten Bundestagswahl AfD gewählt, wie Block erzählt, “als Korrektiv für diesen großen Mischmasch von Politik”. Dabei habe er eigentlich mit der Muttermilch aufgesogen, dass man CDU zu wählen habe.

April 12 2016

Bis zu 60 Millionen Euro Strafe für heimische Solaranlagen | Telepolis

Can’t make this shit up…

Kristian Köhntopp originally shared:

Menü auf-/zuklappen. heise online · c’t · iX · Technology Review · Telepolis · Security · Netze · Open Source · Developer · c’t Fotografie · Autos · Video · Mac & i · Jobs · Make · heise Preisvergleich · Veranstaltungen · heise shop. Suche. Home · Foren. vor 12 Stunden Ralf Streck 29 …

March 17 2016

"I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems…

> Oh god, the NTFS code is a purple opium-fueled Victorian horror novel that uses global recursive locks and SEH for flow control. Let’s write ReFs instead. (And hey, let’s start by copying and pasting the NTFS source code and removing half the features! Then let’s add checksums, because checksums are cool, right, and now with checksums we’re just as good as ZFS? Right? And who needs quotas anyway?)

That’s about what I thought reading the featureset w)

Thomas Eichhorn (Tom) originally shared:

Ich kann sehr sehr gut nachvollziehen, warum er noch mal ein Update hinterherschob. Und ich glaube, das dass nicht der Grund ist, den er angegeben hat. Immerhin hat man nur einen Kopf, der nur einmal zu entfernen ist.

March 01 2016

Der teuerste Strom aller Zeit


Kristian Köhntopp originally shared:

Der Atomstromschwindel fliegt nun endlich auf: » Die vier Konzerne RWE, Eon, Vattenfall und EnBW wollen und werden die Folgekosten ihres Geschäftsmodells den Steuerzahlern überlassen.

Die Vier sind unfähig, das zu finanzieren, was sie angerichtet haben.«

November 17 2015

Base rate fallacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Erklär-Kris und die Terror-Erkennung

Kristian Köhntopp originally shared:

From the “Teaching Math in German Social Media”-Dept: Base Rate Fallacy

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base_rate_fallacy#Example_2 »In a city of 1 million inhabitants let there be 100 terrorists and 999,900 non-terrorists. To simplify the example, it is assumed that all people present in the city are inhabitants. Thus, the base rate probability of a randomly selected inhabitant of the city being a terrorist is 0.0001, and the base rate probability of that same inhabitant being a non-terrorist is 0.9999.

In an attempt to catch the terrorists, the city installs an alarm system with a surveillance camera and automatic facial recognition software.

The software has two failure rates of 1%:

- The false negative rate: If the camera scans a terrorist, a bell will ring 99% of the time, and it will fail to ring 1% of the time.

- The false positive rate: If the camera scans a non-terrorist, a bell will not ring 99% of the time, but it will ring 1% of the time.

Suppose now that an inhabitant triggers the alarm. What is the chance that the person is a terrorist? In other words, what is P(T | B), the probability that a terrorist has been detected given the ringing of the bell?

Someone making the ‘base rate fallacy’ would infer that there is a 99% chance that the detected person is a terrorist.

Although the inference seems to make sense, it is actually bad reasoning, and a calculation below will show that the chances they are a terrorist are actually near 1%, not near 99%. The fallacy arises from confusing the natures of two different failure rates.

The 'number of non-bells per 100 terrorists’ and the 'number of non-terrorists per 100 bells’ are unrelated quantities. One does not necessarily equal the other, and they don’t even have to be almost equal.

To show this, consider what happens if an identical alarm system were set up in a second city with no terrorists at all. As in the first city, the alarm sounds for 1 out of every 100 non-terrorist inhabitants detected, but unlike in the first city, the alarm never sounds for a terrorist. Therefore 100% of all occasions of the alarm sounding are for non-terrorists, but a false negative rate cannot even be calculated. The 'number of non-terrorists per 100 bells’ in that city is 100, yet P(T | B) = 0%. There is zero chance that a terrorist has been detected given the ringing of the bell.

Imagine that the city’s entire population of one million people pass in front of the camera. About 99 of the 100 terrorists will trigger the alarm—and so will about 9,999 of the 999,900 non-terrorists. Therefore, about 10,098 people will trigger the alarm, among which about 99 will be terrorists. So, the probability that a person triggering the alarm actually is a terrorist, is only about 99 in 10,098, which is less than 1%, and very, very far below our initial guess of 99%.

The base rate fallacy is so misleading in this example because there are many more non-terrorists than terrorists.«

Natürlich waren die Attentäter den Behörden bekannt.

Natürlich hat das nichts gebracht.


Hier nicht.


Und in Paris auch nicht.

July 04 2015


real men

Real men don’t give a shit about what “Real Men Do and Don’t”. Real Men will gladly have a tea party with their nieces, and don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. 

July 01 2015


Christian Marclay - Body Mix

fun with album covers
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