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June 02 2018

Finkregh starred dansup/pixelfed

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Finkregh starred dansup/pixelfed Jun 2, 2018

Federated Image Sharing

PHP 148 1 issue needs help Updated Jun 2

June 01 2018

Finkregh starred vincentbernat/snimpy

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Finkregh starred vincentbernat/snimpy Jun 1, 2018

interactive SNMP tool with Python

Python 129 Updated Jun 1

RPM SPEC pre/post/preun/postun argument values | Me in IT

RPM has 4 parts where (shell) scripts can be used: %pre - Executed before installation. %preun - Executed before un-installation. %post - Executed after installation. %postun - Executed after un-installation. In all these parts or sections the variable "$1" can be checked to see what's being done: Initial installation Upgrade Un-installation This table show the values of "$1" per section related to the action: [...]

May 31 2018

May 30 2018

Finkregh starred steveno/dotfiles

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Finkregh starred steveno/dotfiles May 30, 2018

My configuration files

Shell 6 Updated May 30

May 29 2018

Finkregh starred shopping24/kevin-chantal

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Finkregh starred shopping24/kevin-chantal May 29, 2018

Die schönsten Kevinismus/Chantalismus Namen

3 Updated May 29

May 28 2018

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Transitioning isn’t always linear. It isn’t always “from one gender to another.” There’s a misconception that when people transition they increasingly conform to gender roles; that they reinforce the gender binary. If anything, the opposite is true. As we grow more confident in ourselves, we expand the boundaries of our presentation and how the world conceptualizes gender. The further on hormones I was, the less I felt tied up by the gender norms that restricted me throughout my teenage years. Transitioning can welcome in bodies to new forms of gender presentation and even create new genders. This development of self-consciousness isn’t just for us, it’s also a way of communicating that everyone should be able to express themselves. Transitioning isn’t just about gender: it’s about our ability to create community and understanding.

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Cyclist Rushes Past Police To Empty Bomb Scare's 'Suspicious Package', Gets Tackled Afterward
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Hidden opens with complex spliced breaks, on top of deep sub bass and synthetic yet ambient and melodic sounds. The track then shifts up a gear into an unrelenting chorus characterized by distorted bass stabs and cut-up drum breaks. Hidden was written as a homage to the unique mystical atmosphere of classic X-Files episodes.
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The intro resonates dark and murky sounds smothered in spacious reverb, with production and the track title being inspired by long lost Mesopotamian ancient civilizations. Ishtar then progresses into a slightly off-beat minimal groove with deep and smooth sub bass, also showcasing glistening synthesizers to complete the overall feel of the track. Resulting in a chilling vibe that combines modern drum sounds with classic production techniques reminiscent of the early days of Drum & Bass.
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