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July 26 2018

Finkregh starred balos1/easy-gpg-to-paper

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Finkregh starred balos1/easy-gpg-to-paper Jul 26, 2018

easy-gpg-to-paper aims to make exporting your secret gpg key to paper, and then restoring from paper, an easy and painless process.

Python 37 Updated Jul 26

Finkregh starred gicmo/bolt

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Finkregh starred gicmo/bolt Jul 26, 2018

⚡🐧 - Thunderbolt 3 device manager | This is a MIRROR of bolt from fd.o

C 50 Updated Jul 26

Finkregh starred PyCQA/bandit

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Finkregh starred PyCQA/bandit Jul 26, 2018

Bandit is a tool designed to find common security issues in Python code.

Python 301 1 issue needs help Updated Jul 26

Finkregh starred Netflix-Skunkworks/diffy

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Finkregh starred Netflix-Skunkworks/diffy Jul 26, 2018

Diffy is a triage tool used during cloud-centric security incidents, to help digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams quickly identify …

Python 208 Updated Jul 26

July 23 2018

Finkregh pushed to master in Finkregh/dotfiles

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Finkregh pushed to master in Finkregh/dotfiles Jul 23, 2018
2 commits to master

Finkregh starred gdamjan/secure-boot

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Finkregh starred gdamjan/secure-boot Jul 23, 2018

UEFI SecureBoot for ArchLinux

Makefile 18 2 issues need help Updated Jul 23

July 22 2018

July 19 2018

Finkregh starred kstenerud/bo

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Finkregh starred kstenerud/bo Jul 19, 2018

The Swiss army knife of data examination and manipulation

C 11 Updated Jul 19

July 18 2018

Finkregh commented on commit Finkregh/dotfiles@5b83fc9a28

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Jul 18, 2018
@</a><a href=finkregh" />Finkregh commented Jul 18, 2018



Iran: protests in Khoramshahr

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):


On June 20th 2018, protests in Khoramshahr due to water shortages turned violent as Iran’s police forces shot at two ~protesters~.

I’ve seen both Shahi and MEK propagandist outlets on social media decontextualizing this, saying that Iran’s police forces shot at the crowd and killed two protestors.

If you look closely, you can see the two “protestors” are armed. It’s extremely difficult for civilians in Iran to attain guns, which is why it’s important to be critical of these reportings. The man shooting on the bike at the police gets shot, and his partner, instead of helping him, abandons him and takes the gun.


The people were armed (which is highly suspicious) and got shot at after shooting at the police. It’s safe to say the police shooting was provoked by terrorists. It’s likely that these ~protestors~ are affiliated with the MEK or considering this is in Khoramshahr, they could also be Arab separatists. Arab separatists have very little support, and this is not the majority belief of Iran’s Arab population.


Terrorists hijacking protests born from legitimate grievances and frustrations in order to instigate a regime change fueled by corrupt self-interests isn’t exactly an unfamiliar ploy (*cough* SYRIA..HELLO.. *cough). Pro-regime change puppets who are funded by war-mongering politicians who seek to imperialize the region (Masih Alinejad, shahi & MEK propagandists) circulating such propaganda isn’t unfamiliar either.

I’ve seen a lot of people on social media spreading these lies unknowingly, which just goes to show that they didn’t pay attention to what happened with Syria and Iraq because the exact same ploy is being used with Iran.

Regime change has very little support in Iran, even amongst the people protesting due to the crumbling economy because of ^^^this^^^ exact reason. What would be best for Iran right now would be to relieve the sanctions, but those were purposely re-imposed to instigate these protests, so they can again be hijacked by terrorists who will instigate a civil war.

Reposted frommr-absentia mr-absentia

morality police in Iran

from iranian-diaspora.tumblr.com (Jul. 14 2018):

… she [Masih Alinejad] has posted multiple videos of “morality police harassing women in Iran” for their attire. She has spread the following video (i’m not tech savvy and idk how to embed videos from twitter so here’s a GIF):


She has tweeted this video saying that the two women on the right are members of Iran’s morality police and were harassing the woman on the left for not dressing properly, so she removed her hijab in response. The women on the right are not members of Iran’s morality police and considering Alinejad has lived in Iran, she should know what members of the morality police look like:


Women in the morality police wear dark green veils under their chadors and also wear a badge signifying their status. While I do not agree with policing women for how they dress and do not support the compulsory hijab law, I also don’t like fake, self-proclaimed activists such as Alinejad who are funded by western media outlets, which are controlled by pro-war politicians, who use and spread these lies to justify war/regime change in Iran.

Reposted frommr-absentia mr-absentia

July 17 2018

Finkregh pushed to master in Finkregh/dotfiles

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Finkregh pushed to master in Finkregh/dotfiles Jul 17, 2018
1 commit to master

Finkregh starred tmux-plugins/tmux-sensible

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Finkregh starred tmux-plugins/tmux-sensible Jul 17, 2018

basic tmux settings everyone can agree on

Shell 562 Updated Jul 17

Finkregh starred tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect

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Finkregh starred tmux-plugins/tmux-resurrect Jul 17, 2018

Persists tmux environment across system restarts.

Shell 5.4k 11 issues need help Updated Jul 17

July 16 2018

July 12 2018

July 07 2018

Finkregh starred nbedos/termtosvg

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Finkregh starred nbedos/termtosvg Jul 7, 2018

Record terminal sessions as SVG animations

Python 4.6k Updated Jul 7

Finkregh starred klauscfhq/hyperocean

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Finkregh starred klauscfhq/hyperocean Jul 7, 2018

🌊 Deep oceanic blue Hyper theme

JavaScript 99 Updated Jul 7

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