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August 23 2010

finkregh is the prefix that serves one of Google’s Open DNS servers, which is available at
A few hours ago was announced by AS30890 (EVOLVA Evolva Telecom s.r.l.), a provider from Romania.

This ‘Hijack’ lasted for about 7 minutes, and was detected by 14 RIS peers in 4 unique countries. The majority of these networks learned this announcement through AS6939. hijack, open dns hijack, google

This is the second time in a month that Google is affected by a hijack. Last month on July 9th, AS42473 (ANEXIA) a provider from Austria announced a more specific of one of Google’s prefixes.
The prefix was announced by AS42473. This is a more specific of, a prefix that hosts many of Google’s public services.
This announcement was later identified as a copy paste mistake, and quickly resolved after the engineers of AS42473 detected the mistake.

Google's services redirected to Romania and Austria | BGPmon.net Blog
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April 09 2010


This morning many BGPmon.net users received an alert regarding a possible prefix hijack by AS23724. Normally AS23724 CHINANET-IDC-BJ-AP IDC, China Telecommunications Corporation only originates about 40 prefixes, however today for about 15 minutes they originated about ~37,000 unique prefixes that are not assigned to them. This is what we typically call a prefix hijack.
This incident follows another concerning incident from China 2 weeks ago.

Although it seems they have leaked a whole table, only about 10% of these prefixes propagated outside of the Chinese network. These include prefixes for popular websites such as dell.com, cnn.com, www.amazon.de, www.rapidshare.com and www.geocities.jp.
A large number of networks impacted this morning were actually Chinese networks. These include some popular Chinese website such as
www.joy.cn , www.pconline.com.cn , www.huanqiu.com, www.tianya.cn and www.chinaz.com
A list of all prefixes that were announced/hijacked can be found here

The event has been detected globally by peers in The Netherland, UK, Rusia, Italy, Sweded USA, Japan and Brazil. However not all individual prefix ‘hijacks’ were detected globally, many only by a few peers, in one or 2 countries, but some by more.

Chinese ISP hijacked 10% of the Internet | BGPmon.net Blog
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February 10 2010

In this 9 month period we detected 364 unique announcements for in prefix in the range. If we group those announcements by origin AS and announced prefix we see 23 unique announcements. | BGPmon.net Blog

// so full of fail :D
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August 24 2009

The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon Project

The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon primarily targetted on (but not limited to) UNIX-like systems and distributed under the GNU General Public License. 24.08.2009 - New release 1.1.2! Important core bug fixed - BIRD used as route server in LoNAP and NIX.CZ. What do we support: * Both IPv4 and IPv6 (use --enable-ipv6 when configuring) * Multiple routing tables * BGP * RIP * OSPF (IPv4 only) * Static routes * Inter-table protocol * Command-line interface (using the `birdc' client; to get some help, just press `?') * Soft reconfiguration -- no online commands for changing the configuration in very limited ways, just edit the configuration file and issue a `configure' command or send SIGHUP and BIRD will start using the new configuration, possibly restarting protocols affected by the configuration changes * Powerful language for route filtering

July 23 2009

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