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April 11 2011

streams - Play with pcap files

streams is a tool for browsing, mining and processing TCP streams in pcap files. It provides a command line prompt for filtering, selecting and dumping reassembled session data. It can further invoke external tools to pipe stream data through.

June 16 2009

Sniffing Browser History with NO Javascript!

What is this? This is a method of sniffing your browsing history without using Javascript. If you haven't cleaned your browsing history recently, just click "Start Scan" and the system will get to work. If this doesn't shock you, it should: websites are not supposed to see this information. It has potential for anyone, in particular advertisers, to view your history and profile you. Once you click start, it may take a few minutes before initial results appear. Overall, however, this method seems to be faster and smoother. IE will persistently click at you — sorry. If you have software to block this, please don't be too critical; the majority of internet users have no such measures.
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