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July 06 2011

Substance — Open Documents for the Web

Substance is a fully web-based document authoring and publishing platform and an attempt to implement the idea of Freedom of Information.

With Substance, writers, journalists, scientists and everyone else who's interested in publishing can use an open platform for writing and sharing their articles.

Document authoring used to take place in word processors on the Desktop (like MS Word or Open Office). We believe that now this can all be be done in the browser, in a simpler, more collaborative way.

May 18 2011

Ta-da! Here is my thesis. : validates_presence_of :purpose

The title is “Implementation of a distributed application using the document-oriented database CouchDB — An outliner as a replicable distributed system” (originally “Umsetzung einer verteilten Anwendung mit der dokumentenorientierten Datenbank — CouchDB Ein Gliederungseditor als replizierbares Verteiltes System”).

November 11 2010

Validation Functions

CouchDB uses the validate_doc_update function to prevent invalid or unauthorized document updates from proceeding. We use it in the example application to ensure that blog posts can be authored only by logged-in users. CouchDB’s validation functions—like map and reduce functions—can’t have any side effects; they run in isolation of a request. They have the opportunity to block not only end-user document saves, but also replicated documents from other CouchDBs.

September 27 2010

Dusty's Diverse Domain » Blog Archive » Introducing Prickle, a time tracking tool

So here I present Prickle. Prickle is a time tracking tool for freelancers written using Pylons, CouchDB, and Jinja2. (Those are the technologies I chose to play with.) I decided to write an app to replace Freckle, a stay-out-of-your-way time tracking tool that has been highly recommended to me by favorite alternate freelancer, Dan McGee. Freckle is a great service, but I have a couple problems with it: I hate hosting my data on other people’s machines, and I hate paying money to use a service. Granted, at $12 a month, it’s going to take me years to earn back the hours I put into developing Prickle, but that’s not the point. Replacing Freckle in my daily use was just a little bonus I got while studying Pylons and CouchDB.

June 17 2010

December 10 2009

View Cookbook for SQL Jockeys

This is a collection of some common SQL queries and how to get the same result in CouchDB. The key to remember here is that CouchDB does not work like an SQL database at all and that best practices from the SQL world do not translate well or at all to CouchDB. This cookbook assumes that you are familiar with the CouchDB basics like creating and updating databases and documents.

November 10 2009

July 26 2009

Choosing a non-relational database; why we migrated from MySQL to MongoDB « Boxed Ice Blog

Until recently, our server monitoring application, Server Density, was running using MySQL for the backend. Although we primarily provide it as a hosted service, it has been written to work as a standalone application for customers that wish to install on their own servers. This means each customer had their own MySQL database. We collect a lot of data – the monitoring agent reports back every 60 seconds and includes various statistics, of which the server snapshot has the most data (because it is collecting details on every running process). Over time, this results in millions of rows in the database, even for just 1 month of data, per server monitored.
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