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December 14 2011


When it comes to designing secure protocols, I have a principle that goes like this: if you have to perform any cryptographic operation before verifying the MAC on a message you've received, it will somehow inevitably lead to doom.

Let me give you two popular examples.


Moxie Marlinspike :: Blog
Tags: crypto

January 29 2011

QuickTun - Qontrol.nl Wiki

QuickTun is probably the simplest VPN tunnel software ever, yet it's very secure. It relies on the NaCl encryption library by D. J. Bernstein.

QuickTun uses the curve25519xsalsa20poly1305 crypto-box functionality of the NaCl library for secure public-key encryption.

And that's about all QuickTun does; encrypting and sending data. No fancy features which would only lead to bloating the binary. In fact, QuickTun itself has only a few hundred lines of pure C code, making it dead simple to maintain, analyze, debug and fix.
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