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July 08 2011

February 24 2011

Firefox Browser Support — The ScreenOS 6.2.0 WebUI supports the use of the Firefox
web browser version 2.0 and above for device administration. Firefox for
Windows and 2.0 for Linux are confirmed to work with the ScreenOS WebUI.

// wait, what? FF 2.0?
— ScreenOS Release Notes
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September 12 2010

Juniper Clue

Have Juniper routers? Have clue or need clue? If so, this site is for you.

Juniper Clue seeks to provide a compendium of useful knowledge, from the field, about Juniper products. This site is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Juniper Networks. All users are encouraged to contribute by making edits to pages, see Help:Editing for more information.

June 11 2010

IPv6 CPE Survey | RIPE Labs

This article is an attempt to collect and present up-to-date information on the IPv6-readiness of Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) from various vendors. This is an ongoing project, and we are currently seeking feedback from as many vendors as possible.
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