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August 17 2011

June 29 2011

February 25 2011

Home - PHP-FPM

PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation with some additional features useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites.

These features include:

Adaptive process spawning (NEW!)
Basic statistics (ala Apache's mod_status) (NEW!)
Advanced process management with graceful stop/start
Ability to start workers with different uid/gid/chroot/environment and different php.ini (replaces safe_mode)
Stdout & stderr logging
Emergency restart in case of accidental opcode cache destruction
Accelerated upload support
Support for a "slowlog"
Enhancements to FastCGI, such as fastcgi_finish_request() - a special function to finish request & flush all data while continuing to do something time-consuming (video converting, stats processing, etc.)

December 22 2010

63+ Best practice optimize PHP code performance

Today i am searching solutions for any tips and tricks about best practice to optimize PHP code performances and i found some of useful articles which you may interested with.

One of them is an old post by Reinhold Webber, a good list of consideration practice in optimizing PHP code performances.

October 27 2010


if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'])) die("This is a commandline ONLY tool!\n");

if ($_SERVER['argc'] <= 1) die('
Usage: ./svn-helper.php <svn-arguments>
Changes into the directory of each module and executes svn with the given arguments. \\$module get\'s replaced with the module name.
- to merge all changes from trunk between revision 123 and 456 into all modules in the workingcopy:
    ./svn-helper.php merge -r 123:456 http://svn.egroupware.org/egroupware/trunk/\\$module
- to switch a workingcopy to the 1.4 branch:
    ./svn-helper.php switch http://svn.egroupware.org/egroupware/branches/1.4/\\$module
- to switch an anonymous workingcopy to a developers one:
    ./svn-helper.php switch --relocate http://svn.egroupware.org svn+ssh://svn@dev.egroupware.org

$d = opendir($dir=dirname(__FILE__));

while (($file = readdir($d)) !== false)
    $path = $dir . '/'. $file;
    if (!is_dir($path) || in_array($file,array('debian','home','doc','..','.svn'))) continue;

    $args = $_SERVER['argv'];
    $args = implode(' ',$args);
    $args = str_replace('$module',$file == '.' ? 'egroupware' : $file,$args);
    echo "$file: svn $args\n";
    system('svn '.$args);

// what is this? how could anybody be so dirty? o_o" *shivers*
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October 20 2010

July 28 2010

June 17 2010

July 29 2009

10 Gründe gegen den Einsatz von PHP Frameworks | PHP hates me - Der PHP Blog

Die Diskussion über den Einsatz von PHP Frameworks ist so alt wie die Welt. Jeder PHP Entwickler, der bei drei nicht auf dem Baum ist, hat sicher schon mal sein eigenes Framework geschrieben bzw. seine eigene lose Klassensammlung, die er selber dann als Framework bezeichnet. Viele haben sogar mehr als eines verbrochen geschrieben. Ich selber habe in den letzten 10 Jahren, in denen ich intensiv in PHP entwickelt habe, auch mehrere „Frameworks“ für unterschiedliche Projekte geschrieben. Oftmals kamen die dann nur in einem oder maximal zwei Projekten zum Einsatz, weil am Ende des Projektes die Erkenntnis in mir wuchs, dass das Framework doch nicht so toll und flexibel ist, wie ich vorher dachte.

May 04 2009

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