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December 09 2010

Using Git with Vim

My expectations from a git plugin were rather simple.

* Display the active git branch of current file.
* Switch between different branches, without quitting Vim.
* Multi-platform support.

I found two competing plugins that satisfied my needs: git-branch-info.vim and git.vim.

July 26 2009


git_remote_branch is a simple command-line tool that makes it very easy to manipulate branches published in shared repositories. It achieves this goal by sticking to a few principles: * keep grb‘s commands extremely regular (they all look alike) * support aliases for commands * print all commands it runs on your behalf in red, so you eventually learn them Another nice thing about git_remote_branch is that it can simply explain a command (print out all the corresponding git commands) instead of running them on your behalf.

July 17 2009

June 30 2009

Delta XMPP Project » PsiMedia

PsiMedia is a thick abstraction layer for providing audio and video RTP services to Psi-like IM clients. The implementation is based on GStreamer.
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