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July 01 2013

Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. They are both exciting and a fascinating topic to explore in any programming language.

One reason for this is that they help us build upon the combined experience of many developers that came before us and ensure we structure our code in an optimized way, meeting the needs of problems we're attempting to solve.

Design patterns also provide us a common vocabulary to describe solutions. This can be significantly simpler than describing syntax and semantics when we're attempting to convey a way of structuring a solution in code form to others.

In this book we will explore applying both classical and modern design patterns to the JavaScript programming language.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
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October 07 2011

September 15 2011


How to design class: object-oriented programming and computing

August 29 2011

August 19 2011

August 05 2011

Why Arc Isn't Especially Object-Oriented

My own feeling is that object-oriented programming is a useful technique in some cases, but it isn't something that has to pervade every program you write. You should be able to define new types, but you shouldn't have to express every program as the definition of new types.

July 29 2011

July 21 2011


Pycco is a Python port of Docco: the original quick-and-dirty, hundred-line-long, literate-programming-style documentation generator. It produces HTML that displays your comments alongside your code. Comments are passed through Markdown, and code is passed through Pygments syntax highlighting. This page is the result of running Pycco against its own source file.
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shocco is a quick-and-dirty, literate-programming-style documentation generator written for and in POSIX shell. It borrows liberally from Docco, the original Q&D literate-programming-style doc generator.

shocco(1) reads shell scripts and produces annotated source documentation in HTML format. Comments are formatted with Markdown and presented alongside syntax highlighted code so as to give an annotation effect. This page is the result of running shocco against its own source file.

June 19 2011

LearnBoost/stylus - GitHub

Stylus is a revolutionary new language, providing an efficient, dynamic, and expressive way to generate CSS.
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May 06 2011

Google Research Publication: Chubby Distributed Lock Service

We describe our experiences with the Chubby lock service, which is intended to provide coarse-grained locking as well as reliable (though low-volume) storage for a loosely-coupled distributed system. Chubby provides an interface much like a distributed file system with advisory locks, but the design emphasis is on availability and reliability, as opposed to high performance. Many instances of the service have been used for over a year, with several of them each handling a few tens of thousands of clients concurrently. The paper describes the initial design and expected use, compares it with actual use, and explains how the design had to be modified to accommodate the differences.

January 24 2011

Introducing Koi - A language that teaches the basics of language implementation

Koi is designed, above all else, to be a language whose implementation demonstrates the basics of how to build a language in a straight-forward way.

Most programming language implementations are written in low-level languages like C in order to maximize performance, and this generally makes them very opaque and difficult to follow.

In order to avoid this problem Koi is written from the ground up in Ruby to make sure that the implementation language never gets in the way of the intent of the code. Koi will likely never be suitable for use as a production language, but that was never one of its goals.

December 22 2010

63+ Best practice optimize PHP code performance

Today i am searching solutions for any tips and tricks about best practice to optimize PHP code performances and i found some of useful articles which you may interested with.

One of them is an old post by Reinhold Webber, a good list of consideration practice in optimizing PHP code performances.

December 10 2010

How to Debug Bash Scripts | Ayman Hourieh

various techniques and tips for debugging Bash scripts.
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December 09 2010

25 Tips for Intermediate Git Users : Andy Jeffries : Ruby on Rails, MySQL and jQuery Developer

I’ve been using git for about 18 months now and thought I knew it pretty well. Then we had Scott Chacon from GitHub over to do some training at LVS, a supplier/developer of betting/gaming software (where I’m currently contracting) and I learnt a ton in the first day.

As someone who’s always felt fairly comfortable in Git, I thought sharing some of the nuggets I learnt with the community might help someone to find an answer without needing to do lots of research.

October 29 2010

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