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August 29 2011

December 09 2010

The Monkeysphere Project

The Monkeysphere project's goal is to extend OpenPGP's web of trust to new areas of the Internet to help us securely identify servers we connect to, as well as each other while we work online. The suite of Monkeysphere utilities provides a framework to transparently leverage the web of trust for authentication of TLS/SSL communications through the normal use of tools you are familiar with, such as your web browser0 or secure shell.

October 28 2010

Securing SSH access with pam captcha - Michael Boman

Then I found pam_captcha, and it seems like my worries are over. pam_captcha is a ascii-art captcha system (you know, sometimes on the web you need to enter some text that are written, very often deformed, in an image) that utilities figlet (a text to ascii-art program) to make sure there is a human at the keyboard while going for keyboard interactive password authentication. A session can look like this:

May 08 2010

Main Page - mRemote

mRemote is a full-featured, multi-tab remote connections manager.

It allows you to store all your remote connections in a simple yet powerful interface.

Currently these protocols are supported:

* RDP (Remote Desktop)
* VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
* ICA (Independent Computing Architecture)
* SSH (Secure Shell)
* Telnet (TELecommunication NETwork)
* HTTP/S (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
* Rlogin (Rlogin)

November 28 2009

July 07 2009


My effort to show that anything on the Desktop can be done in a console.

May 17 2009

ssl/ssh multiplexer

There is a funny little hack out there called sslh, which lets one accept both https and ssh connection on the same, one port. It lets me connect from inside my corporate proxy, which allows outbound connections on port 443, using Putty, while still being able to serve Web pages over https. There are two problems with sslh: * It's in Perl. That means it's pretty RAM hungry, and probably not very fast. * It doesn't manage privilege dropping, which is rather questionnable. The obvious solution to both problems was to re-implement it in C, because that's what geeks do.
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