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August 23 2011

April 06 2011

Readable / TastefulWords.com

Readable is an application that helps you read more of the web. It reformats text — on any website — according to your exact specifications.

// finally something proper after the arc90 desaster...

March 23 2011

This change is a killer of muscle memory for one of the most common actions in normal browsing. I registered for Bugzilla just to request this be changed back (Bug 609172, originally titled "[Regression] Please Stop Destroying My Muscle Memory"). Some other suffering user had already beat me to it; and after hanging 27 days in limbo, my bug was marked as a duplicate of Bug 596930. Although the above-captioned bug has been closed, it seems wise for the 322736 record to reflect that at least some users are (very) unhappy with the sudden overturning of 6+ years of muscle memory.
Bug 322736 – Reorder menus to promote tabs more

February 06 2011

Niemand scrollt auf Webseiten.

Niemand scrollt auf Webseiten.
Es hält sich hartnäckig: Inhalte auf Webseiten sollen kurz gehalten werden, damit man nicht so viel scrollen muss. Von Seitenlängen in maximal anderthalbfacher Bildschirmhöhe kriegt man zu hören, der Betreiber der Website soll seine Inhalte dem Medium anpassen (=kürzen), denn die Inhalte unterhalb der Bildschirmhöhe werden sowieso nicht gelesen.
Ist das so?
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September 02 2010

Why Users Fill Out Forms Faster With Top Aligned Labels | UXMovement.com

Imag­ine a user who is really excited about your prod­uct or ser­vice. They’re ready to sign up, so they go to your form page and start fill­ing out their infor­ma­tion. The way you align your labels with your form fields can affect how easy it is for users to fill out the form. Do you want to give users a quick, easy and pain­less expe­ri­ence or do you want to give them a has­sle? If you want to make their expe­ri­ence quick, easy and pain­less, con­sider using top aligned labels for your form fields.

June 14 2010

Readability - An Arc90 Lab Experiment

Readability — An Arc90 Laboratory Experiment

Readability is a simple tool that makes reading on the Web more enjoyable by removing the clutter around what you're reading. Follow the steps below to install Readability in your Web browser.

January 21 2010

January 07 2010

August 07 2009

July 26 2009


git_remote_branch is a simple command-line tool that makes it very easy to manipulate branches published in shared repositories. It achieves this goal by sticking to a few principles: * keep grb‘s commands extremely regular (they all look alike) * support aliases for commands * print all commands it runs on your behalf in red, so you eventually learn them Another nice thing about git_remote_branch is that it can simply explain a command (print out all the corresponding git commands) instead of running them on your behalf.
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