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Somewhere on the blog I have a post about a couple that built a tiny house to take to a Medieval gathering, b/c some participants don’t want to stay in a tent. These enthusiasts kicked it up a notch.

They put up a 2 story house.

They traveled from California to Pennsylvania to attend the gathering. Look at this place.

Stairs to the bedroom.

They started on Monday morning, and by Tuesday night, they slept in the bed. Incredible.

This was the view of the other people’s tents. (Next year, they hope to get a spot with a better view.)

After the event, they broke it down, packed it up, and went home. Isn’t it amazing?


Holy balls that’s Pensic in style

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Given we’re coming from all corners of the country, It’s not feasiable but I feel like we need to up the camp game after this.

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