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July 14 2017

Die Regierungserklärung von Olaf Scholz ist hier wunderschön unterbildert…

Die Regierungserklärung von Olaf Scholz ist hier wunderschön unterbildert mit der Realität, von der er versucht, zu sprechen. #noG20

http://dingens.soup.io/post/626834742/Die-Regierungserkl-rung-von-Olaf-Scholz-ist #f

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July 13 2017


Polizeichef fliegt bei der Polizei

Der ehemalige Polizeichef von Rosenheim verliert seinen Beamtenstatus. Der Bayerische Verwaltungsgerichtshof hält den 56-Jährigen nicht für tragbar. Der Polizeibeamte soll bei Einsätzen brutal gegen Festgenommene vorgegangen sein. Das Landgericht Traunstein verurteilte ihn im November 2012 wegen Körperverletzung im Amt. Ein Urteil, das der Bundesgerichtshof billigte.

Der Polizist soll insbesondere auf dem Rosenheimer Herbstfest 2011 einen Jugendlichen geohrfeigt, mit den Knien gestoßen und mit dem Kopf gegen eine Wand geschleudert haben. Das Gericht sieht in der Tat keinen einmaligen Ausrutscher. Vielmehr sei sein Verhalten allgemein durch „ein gewisses Maß an Brutalität gekennzeichnet“ gewesen.

Der heutige Polizeichef von Rosenheim hat sich für seinen Vorgänger öffentlich entschuldigt. Dieser habe das Vertrauen der regionalen Bevölkerung in die Arbeit der Polizei erheblich beschädigt.

Bericht des Bayerischen Rundfunks

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July 09 2017



Holger Koepke (Reizzentrum) originally shared:


Aus diesem Tweet:

“Ich sage ausdrücklich, dass ich jede Kritik an den Aktivitäten der #Polizei entschieden zurückweise.”

@OlafScholz pic.twitter.com/iYRi26JuUj

July 07 2017

June 04 2017

May 17 2017


May 16 2017

Meet the Sex Workers Replacing Cops in Sandinista-Run Nicaragua


In most countries around the world, sex workers are criminalized by police officers. In Sandinista-run Nicaragua, sex workers are replacing police officers.

Last January, French filmmaker Florence Jaugey released a documentary about the Sunflowers of Nicaragua, a woman-led sex worker collective serving as community mediators for the socialist government. Today, the documentary is receiving praise across Latin America, one of the most dangerous regions in the world for sex workers.

“We wanted to show the world that we are not the image they have of us,” Sunflowers of Nicaragua member Maria Elena Davila told El Nuevo Diario.

“We are capable women, we defend our rights, and we are also contributing to justice in our country. This documentary tells our story.”

In 2009, members of the Sunflowers of Nicaragua began organizing against discrimination and violence within their communities. They did this with the intention of gaining the trust of their communities in order to win mass support for their primary demand: the judicial integration and unionization of sex workers across the country. Their strategy worked.

In 2015, Nicaragua’s Supreme Court of Justice asked members of the collective if they wanted to work as judicial facilitators in Managua, Economy reports. Now, the sex workers are accredited and have licenses signed by the Supreme Court of Justice to mediate small conflicts in their communities, which include problems between relatives and neighbors.

The program is intended to “reduce the weight on the police and the judicial system” while integrating sex workers into Nicaragua’s judicial system, Jaugey told Economy in a recent interview.

“It’s a unique case in the world that the justice authorities have given this responsibility to these women,” Jaugey said.

“But also the success of this film is not just due to Nicaragua and the state of the law here, it’s also due to the goodwill of these women.”

The Sunflowers of Nicaragua has also been accepted by the socialist government’s Confederation of Self-Employed Workers, granting them legal union status. The collective, which aims to organize Nicaragua’s estimated 14,000 sex workers, has recruited 2,300 thus far.

Last February, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Labor ruled in favor of a sex worker who was fired from a nightclub for being pregnant, setting a precedent for the country’s sex worker labor laws.

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April 21 2017

Trump Tweets His Book Recommendation Which Is Perfectly Suited To His Literacy Level


Trump Tweets His Book Recommendation Which Is Perfectly Suited To His Literacy Level

And about that “book recommendation.”

Speaking from decades of personal experience, this is what passes for the height of humor among the Pig People.

A book about why to vote for Democrats that is…just blank pages!

Get it?!

Get it?!

All the pages are blank!

From the very-nearly post-pubescent “cultural correspondent” for crackpot Conservative shitepile “Daily Wire” (Motto: “The Daily Wire: When Breitbart is too hoity-toity and World Net Daily popup ads are too distracting.”), pimped vigorously by Fox and Friends (Motto: “Fox and Friends: When Hannity is too hoity-toity and the sound of Mark Levin’s voice makes your fillings hurt.”) and favorably reviewed by Ben Shapiro, who has spent most of his short, execrable career feeding the Wingnut Beast, and the last several months being chomped by that same Wingnut Beast.

And all the pages are blank!

Do you get it?!

Do you get it?!

Yes, among the double-wide denizens of Sisterf*ck, Arkansas, this is pure, Algonquin round-table shite.

read more

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March 29 2017

More Symantec News – The Isoblog.

tl;dr: every certificate store that does not have a path away from Symantec etc is not trustworthy…

Kristian Köhntopp originally shared:

Google has been very kind with Symantec - complete CA meltdown. http://blog.koehntopp.info/index.php/1337-more-symantec-news/

»If you purchased a Symantec certificate (or a cert from any of their associated subsidiaries and partners) through a third party, from at least as far back as early 2013 until recently; their third party certificate generation, management, and retrieval API allowed those certificates… including in some cases private keys generated by third parties… to be retrieved without proper authentication, or in some cases any authentication at all.«

March 24 2017

London attack: British-born attacker 'known to MI5' - BBC News

Local-born and known to police and intelligence services.

Every. Single. Time.

This is in a country with some of the most sweeping and invasive surveillance laws. In a city where there’s probably not a square inch of pavement not covered by a camera. In a country where any person can be detained, and have their belongings confiscated, and be arrested for saying “I don’t know” to a question, in any port of entry.

Eroding liberty to prevent terrorism doesn’t prevent terrorism, it just erodes liberty.

February 08 2017

Maximum Momentum Router


Karl Auerbach originally shared:

I had forgotten my list of IP router improvements:

Replace It Anyway (RIA) route table entry update system.

Black-Hole Convergence with Poison Perverse and Dualistic Event Horizons.

Loudest Path First Routing (LPFR)

Zero-Bit Removal (ZBR) link compression.

Virtual Primitive Networks (VPN) with RSI encryption.

Domestic Boarder/Lodger Gateway Protocol (DBLGP)

Anti-Dissonance Route Flapping with Psychotic Damping.

Enhanced Quality of Service Life (E-QoS-L)

Twelve Step fault recovery system

Bacchanalian solutions to the Lusty Philosopher problem.

Dueling Modular Power systems.

Psycho-Adaptive Switching Grid with Polychromatic mapping

(All this and more is in my sort of forgotten CaveBear Catalog - https://www.cavebear.com/archive/cavebear/catalogue/maximum-momentum-router.html )

February 06 2017

January 13 2017

Ungarn erwägt generelle Inhaftierung von Asylbewerbern

Und da können die ja auch gleich für ihr Dach über den Kopf arbeiten…

Au weia.

Marco Modano originally shared:

Ungarn erwägt die Einführung einer generellen “fremdenpolizeilichen Schutzhaft” für Asylbewerber. “Im Sinne einer solchen Regelung würde sich niemand im Land frei bewegen, niemand das Land oder die Transitzonen verlassen können”, sagte Kanzleramtsminister Janos Lazar am Donnerstag vor der Presse in Budapest. Die Inhaftierung soll bis zum rechtskräftigen Abschluss des jeweiligen Asylverfahrens dauern.

August 04 2016

Bedside Notepad • bead-bead: snubbingapollo: houndsheart: ...

Fuck yeah

Kevin Veale originally shared:

Everyone’s heard that pirate’s call each other “matey”. What you probably haven’t heard is that the word matey comes from “matelote”.

In the Caribbean this word was used between buccaneers to signify a life partner. Matelotes could inherit from each other, shared space, fought together, could speak for each other when one was incapacitated or absent, and more often than not the relationship was romantic and sexual.

That’s right folks. Pirates had a term for their gay life partners.

June 07 2016

Per Dienstanweisung Menschenwürde missachten müssen

Eine Fallmanagerin des Jobcenters Osterholz weigerte sich, die ihrer Ansicht nach rechtswidrige Sanktionspraxis umzusetzen, weil sie damit Menschen bewusst in existenzielle Not gebracht hätte. Sie klagt beim Arbeitsgericht gegen die unzulässige Verwaltungspraxis. Eine Hintergrundberichterstattung und ein Amicus-Curiae-Brief des DPWV Bundesverbands. Mehr dazu hier: http://tacheles-sozialhilfe.de/startseite/aktuelles/d/n/2024 #hartziv

June 04 2016

Affäre Anfang 2015 kam heraus, dass Computer in der taz-Redaktion mehr als ein…

Affäre Anfang 2015 kam heraus, dass Computer in der taz-Redaktion mehr als ein Jahr lang mit einem Keylogger ausgespäht wurden. Was ist passiert? Und was ist geblieben? Eine Recherche, die im eigenen Haus beginnt – und nach Asien führt. Dateiname LOG.TXT. von Martin Kaul, Sebastian Erb …

May 25 2016

Alle 20 Minuten: EU-Kommission erlaubt deutlich mehr Fernsehwerbung - Golem.de

Wow, die EU-Kommission verabschiedet eine Förderung für Netflix, Amazon & Co ;-)

May 24 2016

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