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June 11 2019

Finkregh starred sindresorhus/refined-github

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Finkregh starred sindresorhus/refined-github Jun 11, 2019

Browser extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features

TypeScript 8.9k 62 issues need help Updated Jun 11

May 15 2019

Finkregh starred containership/konstellate

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Finkregh starred containership/konstellate May 15, 2019

Free and Open Source GUI to Visualize Kubernetes Applications.

Clojure 289 Updated May 15

Finkregh starred reZach/my-budget

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Finkregh starred reZach/my-budget May 15, 2019

Free, open source offline cross-platform budgeting solution built with Electron.

JavaScript 109 Updated May 15

May 11 2019

Finkregh starred muesli/telephant

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Finkregh starred muesli/telephant May 11, 2019

A lightweight but modern Mastodon client, written in Go & QML

QML 83 Updated May 11

May 07 2019

Finkregh starred has2k1/plotnine

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Finkregh starred has2k1/plotnine May 7, 2019

A grammar of graphics for Python

Python 1.6k 1 issue needs help Updated May 7

Finkregh starred microsoft/Terminal

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Finkregh starred microsoft/Terminal May 7, 2019

The new Windows Terminal, and the original Windows console host -- all in the same place!

C++ 7.2k Updated May 7

May 06 2019

Finkregh starred muesli/beehive

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Finkregh starred muesli/beehive May 6, 2019

A flexible event/agent & automation system with lots of bees 🐝

Go 3.6k 4 issues need help Updated May 6

Finkregh starred muesli/service-tools

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Finkregh starred muesli/service-tools May 6, 2019

A growing collection of convenient little tools to work with systemd services

Go 16 Updated May 6

May 04 2019

Finkregh starred alcarithemad/zfsp

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Finkregh starred alcarithemad/zfsp May 4, 2019

ZFS, in Python, without reading the original C.

Python 128 Updated May 4

Finkregh starred goreleaser/nfpm

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Finkregh starred goreleaser/nfpm May 4, 2019

NFPM is Not FPM - a simple deb and rpm packager written in Go

Go 527 Updated May 4

April 30 2019

April 28 2019

Finkregh starred nikitavoloboev/my-mac-os

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Finkregh starred nikitavoloboev/my-mac-os Apr 28, 2019

List of applications and tools that make my macOS experience even more amazing

CSS 14.6k Updated Apr 28

April 26 2019

Boosting your kubectl productivity ♦︎ Learnk8s

If you work with Kubernetes, then kubectl is probably one of your most-used tools. This article contains a series of tips and tricks to make your usage of kubectl more efficient.
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