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August 09 2019

self defense is self care
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The report by the German Institute for Economic Research examines 674 nuclear power plants built since 1951. Its authors found that typical nuclear power plants averaged 4.8 billion euros in losses.

The report authors argue that new technology for nuclear plants won’t solve the underlying economic difficulties: “Those in favor of nuclear energy like to point out the ongoing technological developments that could lead to it growing more efficient in the future.

“They include ‘fourth generation’ nuclear power plants and mini-nuclear power plants (small modular reactors, SMRs). Anything but new, both concepts have their roots in the early phase of nuclear power in the 1950s. Then as now, there was no hope that the technologies would become economical and established.”

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“The history of nuclear power is seven decades of economic ruin and environmental catastrophe. Toshiba’s decision last year to abandon plans to build a reactor at Moorside in Cumbria and Hitachi’s suspension of work this year on the Wylfa Newydd plant in Anglesey simply reflect the economic reality that this report sets out.

“Nuclear power isn’t only expensive, it creates an unsolvable waste problem, and as the TV drama Chernobyl so graphically reveals, nuclear accidents create human misery and environmental destruction.

“Our new Prime Minister should learn these lessons and adopt a fresh approach to energy that centres on clean and economically viable renewable technology.”


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Finkregh starred dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs

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Finkregh starred dani-garcia/bitwarden_rs Aug 9, 2019

Unofficial Bitwarden compatible server written in Rust

Rust 1.6k 3 issues need help Updated Sep 16

August 05 2019

Finkregh starred muesli/gitomatic

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Finkregh starred muesli/gitomatic Aug 5, 2019

A tool to monitor git repositories and automatically pull & push changes

Go 882 Updated Sep 16

Finkregh starred jtyr/gbt

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Finkregh starred jtyr/gbt Aug 5, 2019

Highly configurable prompt builder for Bash and ZSH written in Go.

Go 336 Updated Sep 12

August 04 2019

Finkregh starred sqshq/sampler

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Finkregh starred sqshq/sampler Aug 4, 2019

A tool for shell commands execution, visualization and alerting. Configured with a simple YAML file.

Go 6.2k Updated Sep 16

Finkregh forked Finkregh/docker-mailpile from rroemhild/docker-mailpile

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A minimal Mailpile Docker image based on Alpine Linux.

Dockerfile 12 Updated Jul 14

August 02 2019

Finkregh commented on issue OSInside/kiwi#1157

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Finkregh commented on issue OSInside/kiwi#1157 Aug 2, 2019
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wow, thanks!

July 29 2019

Finkregh starred snipe/snipe-it

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Finkregh starred snipe/snipe-it Jul 29, 2019

A free open source IT asset/license management system

PHP 3.3k Updated Sep 16

July 28 2019

Finkregh starred lokeshlkr/i3switch

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Finkregh starred lokeshlkr/i3switch Jul 28, 2019

Enables you to switch between open windows in i3wm

Shell 14 Updated Jul 31

July 26 2019

Finkregh starred drakkan/sftpgo

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Finkregh starred drakkan/sftpgo Jul 26, 2019

Full featured and highly configurable SFTP server

Go 1k 1 issue needs help Updated Sep 16

July 24 2019

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Malta Joke #42158
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