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August 28 2019

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Meanwhile in a Berlin metro…. The text on the bag reads:

“This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.”

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@natashaskassam: If you can’t be in HK, the Lennon Wall in Taipei is incredibly moving, and I was proud to see @badiucao [Chinese artist] art everywhere. 香港加油

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August 27 2019

Finkregh starred joway/hugo-theme-yinyang

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Finkregh starred joway/hugo-theme-yinyang Aug 27, 2019

a black-white theme for Hugo.

HTML 89 Updated Sep 9

August 26 2019

Finkregh starred sdispater/poetry

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Finkregh starred sdispater/poetry Aug 26, 2019

Python dependency management and packaging made easy.

Python 6k Updated Sep 16

August 25 2019

Finkregh starred skeeto/simplegpg

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Finkregh starred skeeto/simplegpg Aug 25, 2019

Simplified, signify-like interface to GnuPG signatures

Shell 33 Updated Aug 29

August 24 2019

Finkregh starred nushell/nushell

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Finkregh starred nushell/nushell Aug 24, 2019

A modern shell written in Rust

Rust 4.1k Updated Sep 16

August 23 2019

Finkregh starred plasticityai/supersqlite

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Finkregh starred plasticityai/supersqlite Aug 23, 2019

A supercharged SQLite library for Python

Python 585 Updated Sep 16

August 19 2019

Finkregh starred serverscom/dibctl

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Finkregh starred serverscom/dibctl Aug 19, 2019

Software for managing image lifecycle: build, test, upload and deprecation

Python 9 Updated Aug 19

August 17 2019

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