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January 16 2012

December 21 2011

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May 17 2011

Youtube auto proxy player (uses Frogtunnel) for Greasemonkey

When you receive the "is not available in your country" message on Youtube, this script automatically loads a player from a proxy and you can watch the video.

January 27 2011


The entertainment industries’ quest to root out piracy on the Internet has yet again resulted in commercial censorship. A few weeks ago Google announced that it would start filtering “piracy related” terms from its ‘Autocomplete‘ and ‘Instant‘ services and today they quietly rolled out this questionable feature.

Without a public notice Google has compiled a seemingly arbitrary list of keywords for which auto-complete is no longer available. Although the impact of this decision does not currently affect full search results, it does send out a strong signal that Google is willing to censor its services proactively, and to an extent that is far greater than many expected.

Among the list of forbidden keywords are “uTorrent”, a hugely popular piece of entirely legal software and “BitTorrent”, a file transfer protocol and the name of San Fransisco based company BitTorrent Inc. As of today, these keywords will no longer be suggested by Google when you type in the first letter, nor will they show up in Google Instant.

All combinations of the word “torrent” are also completely banned. This means that “Ubuntu torrent” will not be suggested as a user types in Ubuntu, and the same happens to every other combination ending in the word torrent. This of course includes the titles of popular films and music albums, which is the purpose of Google’s banlist.

Google Starts Censoring BitTorrent, RapidShare and More | TorrentFreak
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November 30 2010

Projektidee: einen DNS-Resolver der folgendes macht
- "normales", rekusives resolven
- eine Liste mit weiteren Servern

bei einer Anfrage wird nun das ergebnis der Abfragen aller eingestellten Server mit einerander verglichen und bei unstimmigkeiten der Client informiert

Wie das mit dem "informiert" läuft müsste mann dann mal schauen... in wiefern unstimmigkeiten auf geo-dns-zeusg zurückzuführen sind müsste man dann auch mal schauen...
Tags: dns censorship
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April 08 2010


April 19 2009

Die dreizehn Lügen der Zensursula : netzpolitik.org

Im folgenden Beitrag analysiert, kommentiert und erwidert Netzaktivist Lutz Donnerhacke die Aussagen des Familienministeriums zur Notwendigkeit von Zensurmaßnahmen gegen die Dokumentation von Kindesmißhandlungen. Dabei will Donnerhacke 13 Lügen ausgemacht haben, welche das Ministerium in den vergangenen Tagen und Wochen in Form von Textblock-Antworten und anderen Stellungnahmen verbreiten ließ.

April 11 2009

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