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June 10 2011


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December 03 2009

1-wire meets IPv6 « shapeshifter.se

A project I’ve been hacking on for a while is a self-contained 1-wire to IPv6 bridge based on an Atmel AVR ATmega644 and the ENC28J60 Ethernet controller from Microchip. 1-wire: is a serial bus from Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim that only requires 1 data line, there are a number of cheap sensors and other devices for this bus. The strength of this bus is not its speed but that it supports large ranges (up to 300 meters). Also, each 1-wire device has a permanent unique 64-bit serial number.
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August 20 2009

How to Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to RTM (Final Release) :: the How-To Geek

The final version of Windows 7 was released yesterday for MS Technet subscribers, but you can’t upgrade directly from a pre-release version—at least, not without a quick and easy workaround, and we’ve got you covered. The Problem Windows 7 checks whether or not the current version you are running is a pre-release copy, and prevents you from upgrading further. For reference purposes, this is the error you’ll see when you try and upgrade.
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July 18 2009

June 16 2009

Sniffing Browser History with NO Javascript!

What is this? This is a method of sniffing your browsing history without using Javascript. If you haven't cleaned your browsing history recently, just click "Start Scan" and the system will get to work. If this doesn't shock you, it should: websites are not supposed to see this information. It has potential for anyone, in particular advertisers, to view your history and profile you. Once you click start, it may take a few minutes before initial results appear. Overall, however, this method seems to be faster and smoother. IE will persistently click at you — sorry. If you have software to block this, please don't be too critical; the majority of internet users have no such measures.

April 29 2009

moot wins, Time Inc. loses « Music Machinery

What Anonymous realized was that if they always labeled the unknown scanned text with the same word - and if they did this thousands and thousands of times eventually a large percentage of the unknown words would be mislabeled with their word. All they had to do was look at the two words in the captcha, enter the proper label for the ‘easy’ one (presumably that would be the one that the two optical scanners would agree upon) and enter the word “penis” for the hard one. If they did this often enough, then soon a significant percentage of the images would be labeled as ‘penis’ and the ability to autovote would be restored (one side effect, that was not lost on Anonymous, was the notion that for years to come there would be a number of digital books with the word ‘penis’ randomly inserted throughout the text.
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