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January 24 2011

Introducing Koi - A language that teaches the basics of language implementation

Koi is designed, above all else, to be a language whose implementation demonstrates the basics of how to build a language in a straight-forward way.

Most programming language implementations are written in low-level languages like C in order to maximize performance, and this generally makes them very opaque and difficult to follow.

In order to avoid this problem Koi is written from the ground up in Ruby to make sure that the implementation language never gets in the way of the intent of the code. Koi will likely never be suitable for use as a production language, but that was never one of its goals.

September 30 2010

Learn Python The Hard Way: Learn Python The Hard Way

This is the site for the book "Learn Python The Hard Way". The book is a very beginner book for people who want to learn to code. If you can already code then the book will probably drive you insane. It's intended for people who have no coding chops to build up their skills before starting a more detailed book.
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October 12 2009

apophenia: I want my cyborg life

My colleagues aren't that much older than me but they come from a different set of traditions. They aren't used to speaking to a room full of blue-glow faces. And they think it's utterly fascinating that I poll my twitterverse about constructs of fairness while hearing a speaker talk about game theory. Am I learning what the speaker wants me to learn? Perhaps not. But I am learning and thinking and engaging. I'm 31 years old. I've been online since I was a teen. I've grown up with this medium and I embrace each new device that brings me closer to being a cyborg. I want information at my fingertips now and always. There's no doubt that I'm not mainstream. But I also feel really badly for the info-driven teens and college students out there being told that learning can only happen when they pay attention to an audio-driven lecture in a classroom setting. I read books during my classroom (blatantly not paying attention).
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