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November 26 2009

der Linux Stammbaum

Ein Klick auf obiges Bild1gewährt Einblick mittels einer höheren Auflösung, das Original findet sich auf Flickr. Wer zudem noch die UNIX History sehen möchte findet dort entsprechendes.

  1. Ian Murdock’s Linux Family Tree 0.90
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November 17 2009

'/proc/sys/net/ip*/conf/all/* does not actually affect interfaces' - MARC

I was unpleasantly surprised last night that a rogue machine managed to alter the IPv6 default route of one of my servers, despite my sysctl configuration, which disables RA for "all" interfaces during the boot sequence. It also changes the "default" values:
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November 03 2009

October 12 2009

Wieviel Speicher brauchst Du denn? - Die wunderbare Welt von Isotopp

Man kann die VSZ also als die 'gemappte' Größe des Prozesses bezeichnen und die RSS als die 'belegte' Größe des Prozesses. Wenn man ein MySQL neu startet sieht man, daß die VSZ schon fast die endgültige Größe des Prozesses erreicht hat (MySQL hat schon einmal alle großen Puffer beim Betriebssystem bestellt und treibt so die Prozeßgröße nach oben). Die RSS ist jedoch noch sehr klein, weil diese bestellten Puffer noch nicht beschrieben wurden und das Betriebssystem daher die entsprechenden Speicherseiten auch noch nicht physikalisch realisiert hat - die Puffer der Datenbank sind noch kalt und die Daten werden nach Bedarf bei den ersten Zugriffen erst einmal von Disk geladen. Über die Zeit wird die VSZ ein wenig steigen (Verbindungen werden aufgebaut und MySQL bestellt noch ein wenig zusätzlichen Speicher) und die RSS nähert sich der VSZ immer mehr an. Die Datenbank im Beispiel da oben hat eine VSZ von etwas über 25G und eine RSS von immerhin 24.2G. Sie läuft schon sehr lange.

September 24 2009

Python Package Index : python-daemon 1.5

This library implements the well-behaved daemon specification of PEP 3143, "Standard daemon process library". A well-behaved Unix daemon process is tricky to get right, but the required steps are much the same for every daemon program. A DaemonContext instance holds the behaviour and configured process environment for the program; use the instance as a context manager to enter a daemon state.

August 24 2009

The BIRD Internet Routing Daemon Project

The BIRD project aims to develop a fully functional dynamic IP routing daemon primarily targetted on (but not limited to) UNIX-like systems and distributed under the GNU General Public License. 24.08.2009 - New release 1.1.2! Important core bug fixed - BIRD used as route server in LoNAP and NIX.CZ. What do we support: * Both IPv4 and IPv6 (use --enable-ipv6 when configuring) * Multiple routing tables * BGP * RIP * OSPF (IPv4 only) * Static routes * Inter-table protocol * Command-line interface (using the `birdc' client; to get some help, just press `?') * Soft reconfiguration -- no online commands for changing the configuration in very limited ways, just edit the configuration file and issue a `configure' command or send SIGHUP and BIRD will start using the new configuration, possibly restarting protocols affected by the configuration changes * Powerful language for route filtering

August 22 2009


You're sitting in an airport or in a cafe, and people want your money for Internet access. They do allow ICMP traffic, though (i.e., you can ping machines on the Internet). Enters ICMPTX. (If you can't use ping, but you can issue name queries, use NSTX: IP-over-DNS.) There are several resources online to point you in the right direction, most notably Case of a wireless hack by Siim Põder. There is a similar, thoroughly undocument program called itun, a simple icmp tunnel that claims to do the same thing. Also, check out PingTunnel which is not IP-over-ICMP, but rather TCP-over-ICMP and, therefore, less useful. Once you've followed these instructions, you basically have a remote proxy, providing you with access to the Internet. Communication between you and the remote proxy is over ICMP. Note that these instructions play nicely with NSTX. You can run both on one proxy.

August 19 2009

August 17 2009

Hive Rise

Hive Rise ist DAS High Speed Echtzeit-Strategiespiel für die schnelle Action zwischendurch! Trete kostenlos gegen Tausende von Mitspielern an und verdiene dir einzigartige Trophäen! 2023 - Nachdem der Krieg zwischen verfeindeten Nationen zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts mehr und mehr ausgestorben war, musste irgendjemand für Nachschub an sinnloser Gewalt sorgen. Die Lösung: Hive Rise! Die TV-Show, in der sich gelangweilte Millionäre, Autoschrauber und Generäle a.D. live und unzensiert ein paramilitärisches Wettrüsten liefern.
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August 07 2009

August 05 2009

August 04 2009

Anton Olsen.com » Blog Archive » BASH: Split a string without ‘cut’ or ‘awk’

For a little test script I’m writing I needed to split a line on a ‘;’ but preservere the “s and ’s, something that echo doesn’t like to do. Digging deeper into the bash docs I see that there are some handy string handling functions. #!/bin/bash line=’this “is” a command;this “is” a pattern’ COMMAND=${line%;*} PATTERN=${line#*;} echo $COMMAND echo $PATTERN

July 28 2009

Multiple-port knocking Netfilter/IPtables only implementation

There are several methods of implementing port knocking (the sophisticated project Knockd for instance). Here we'll demonstrate a very simple means of achieving the port-knocking effect using nothing more than netfilter, or iptables, rules. You will need the iptables "recent" module compiled in you kernel or as a module - we've previously introduced using this to rate-limit incoming connections with the recent module.

July 24 2009

July 23 2009

July 10 2009

How to identify what processes are generating IO Wait load. | ScriptBits, Little Bits Of Code You Cannot Live Without

An easy way to identify what process is generating your IO Wait load is to enable block I/O debugging. This is done by setting /proc/sys/vm/block_dump to a non zero value like: echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/block_dump This will cause messages like the following to start appearing in dmesg: bash(6856): dirtied inode 19446664 (ld-2.5.so) on md1 Using the following one-liner will produce a summary output of the dmesg entries: dmesg | egrep "READ|WRITE|dirtied" | egrep -o '([a-zA-Z]*)' | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn | head 354 md 324 export 288 kjournald 53 irqbalance 45 pdflush 14 portmap 14 bash 10 egrep 10 crond 8 ncftpput Once you are finished you should disable block I/O debugging by setting /proc/sys/vm/block_dump to a zero value like: echo 0 > /proc/sys/vm/block_dump

July 07 2009


My effort to show that anything on the Desktop can be done in a console.

July 06 2009

Shrew Soft Inc : Software

The Shrew Soft VPN Client for Windows is a free IPsec Remote Access VPN Client for Windows 2000, XP and Vista operating systems ( x86 and amd64 versions ). It was originally developed to provide secure communications between mobile Windows hosts and open source VPN gateways that utilize standards compliant software such as ipsec-tools, OpenSWAN, FreeSWAN, StrongSWAN, isakmpd. It now offers many of the advanced features only found in expensive commercial software solutions and provides compatibility for VPN appliances produced by vendors such as Cisco, Juniper, Checkpoint, Fortinet, Netgear, Linksys, Zywall and many others.

June 09 2009

the Virtual Unix Lab

I've finished my PhD thesis some time ago, and as the system described in it is heavily based on NetBSD, I feel it's relevant for mentioning here. The full title is ``System Administration Training in the Virtual Unix Lab -- An e-learning system with diagnosis via a domain specific language as base for an architecture for tutorial assistance and user adaption''. The book was published in Jan 2009 by Shaker, Germany as ISBN 978-3-8322-7874-8, and it is also available for online purchase and if you look around a bit on my VUlab page, you will find a permitted local copy for downloading as well.
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