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July 17 2011

June 21 2011

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June 14 2011

May 10 2011

September 28 2010

Howto setup SyncEvolution on a Nokia N900 with Egroupware | Rene Mayrhofer's virtual home

I've documented my current selection of smart phones and their respective features, advantages, and disadvantages elsewhere. The Nokia N900 does many things right (in my point of view), but is missing one crucial component by default: SyncML synchronization to HTTP servers. Fortunately, being largely open source, other developers have already taken care of this issue by porting the SyncEvolution package over to Maemo (the Debian-based Linux distribution running on the Nokia N900).

September 03 2010

Hi all,
I've succeeded in emulating the PSJailbreak from the N900, I've released the binaries, and I'll release its source code tomorrow.. read the full update and download link here : http://kakaroto.homelinux.net/2010/0...-and-released/
maemo.org - Talk - View Single Post - [request] Jailbreak PS3 using N900 using PSGroove

August 26 2010

I recently had need to look at the back of my own head, and using the camera on my phone seemed like the easiest way to do it. I found a guide on the Maemo wiki, but it was for the N800 and I didn't have the hantro4200 encoder it was trying to use. After learning more than I ever wanted to about gstreamer and sdp files, I came up with a way that works for me.
Streaming Nokia N900 Camera to VLC « try all your chance
Tags: n900 vlc hacking
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July 21 2010

Random notes from mg

My N900 has a SIM card with a flat-rate 3G data plan. My laptop hasn't. What do I do when I want to use the Internet on my laptop somewhere that doesn't have WiFi? Well, there are many options:
Tags: n900 wlan wwan

Random notes from mg

My N900 has a SIM card with a flat-rate 3G data plan. My laptop hasn't. What do I do when I want to use the Internet on my laptop somewhere that doesn't have WiFi? Well, there are many options:
Tags: n900 wlan wwan

June 25 2010

this needs the n900 :D
Tags: n900

June 10 2010


Cryptographic features

Encrypted Email

One of the major strengths of KDE PIM has always been support for cryptographic operations such as signing and encryption. Those operations are also a primary use-case of mobile variants of the KDE PIM applications.

KMail-mobile makes on-the-move reading and writing of signed and encrypted emails as easy as possible, supporting multiple cryptographic technologies such as OpenPGP and S/MIME.

KDE PIM Goes Mobile | KDE.news
Tags: n900 kde kdepim

May 11 2010

Desktop Command Execution Widget scripts - maemo.org wiki

Desktop Command Execution widget is one of the most useful widgets on your Maemo desktop. It can be used to show certain information (for example battery level in percentage) or as a button which can be used for example to disconnect active internet connection (you need to tap 3 times and also wait for menus to appear without this widget). Therefore it can replace many other applications/widgets/applets and you can also make something new. Here you'll find a collection of scripts that can be added to the widget. The discussion about the widget is on the forum.

Scripts are also compatible with Queen BeeCon Widget which has extended graphic and cosmetic functionality.

March 11 2010

Play fullscreen
YouTube - iDont N900 [HQ]
Tags: n900
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Inspired by the amazing boot videos Claesbas and Lacedaemon have posted, I decided to have a crack at doing one for myself.

I wanted something a bit more subtle and quiet, so I pulled a short clip (~5s) from one of my favourite movies of all time that I think fits perfectly in this setting

Click this bar to view the full image.
[Boot Video] WOPR Countdown - maemo.org - Talk
Tags: n900

March 10 2010

Tutorial : How to Send DTMF request from Nokia N900

we know Nokia N900 does not support sending DTMF request to the operator for credit check and other details.
Finally there is a way to do so with a click of a widget . The widget used to send DTMF request is called the USSD Widget. It is developed by Guseynov Alexey , Martin Grimme.

The widget has two ways of sending the DTMF requests one is by typing the DTMF in codes in USSD dial Pad.
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