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September 06 2010

<MusicBox|VPS> hello
<MusicBox|VPS> anyone here using linux?
<Dagger2> no, we're a windows shop
<MusicBox|VPS> ok
<MusicBox|VPS> i am running windows 7 ultimate (x64)
<MusicBox|VPS> as my main desktop
<rewt> i thought we were a BeOS shop
<MusicBox|VPS> but my vps is having video problems
<rm> wait, so is this not an OS/2 channel?
<Gnea> no, it's an OS/6 channel
<Gnea> it took awhile, but it had to be warped
<rewt> os/2 is only half an operating system
— irc://irc.freenode.org/ipv6
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November 22 2009


I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.

Edith Sitwell

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