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October 07 2011

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October 01 2011

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July 20 2011

How to kill a TCP connection using netstat

You cannot kill a TCP connection using netstat utility. netstat is use for

Display network connections
Routing tables
Interface statistics
Masquerade connections
Multicast memberships
And much more

However Linux support two other commands or utility that can be used to kill a TCP connection.

April 11 2011

streams - Play with pcap files

streams is a tool for browsing, mining and processing TCP streams in pcap files. It provides a command line prompt for filtering, selecting and dumping reassembled session data. It can further invoke external tools to pipe stream data through.

December 09 2010

The Monkeysphere Project

The Monkeysphere project's goal is to extend OpenPGP's web of trust to new areas of the Internet to help us securely identify servers we connect to, as well as each other while we work online. The suite of Monkeysphere utilities provides a framework to transparently leverage the web of trust for authentication of TLS/SSL communications through the normal use of tools you are familiar with, such as your web browser0 or secure shell.

November 24 2010

High Scalability - High Scalability - Strategy: Biggest Performance Impact is to Reduce the Number of HTTP Requests

educe the size and frequency of network communications, which will make your pages load faster, which will improve performance enough that you can use HTTPS all the time, which will make you safe and secure on-line, which is a good thing.

October 28 2010

Securing SSH access with pam captcha - Michael Boman

Then I found pam_captcha, and it seems like my worries are over. pam_captcha is a ascii-art captcha system (you know, sometimes on the web you need to enter some text that are written, very often deformed, in an image) that utilities figlet (a text to ascii-art program) to make sure there is a human at the keyboard while going for keyboard interactive password authentication. A session can look like this:

October 05 2010

Secure BIND Template v7.1 14 May 2009 TEAM CYMRU noc@cymru.com

The ubiquitous BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) server is distributed with most UNIX variants and provides name services to countless networks. However, the BIND server is not without certain vulnerabilities, and is often a choice target for Internet vandals. These vandals utilize BIND vulnerabilities to gain root access to the host or to turn the host into a launching platform for DDOS attacks. An improper or insufficiently robust BIND configuration can also "leak" information about the hosts and addressing within the intranet. Miscreants can also take advantage of an insecure BIND configuration and poison the cache, thus permitting host impersonation and redirecting legitimate traffic to black holes or malicious hosts. This article presents a template for deploying a secure BIND configuration, thus mitigating some of the risk of running the BIND server.

September 30 2010

.:: Phrack Magazine ::. Fun with the Spanning Tree Protocol

An idea of 1st group of attacks lies practically ``on the surface''. Essentially the principle of STP allows easily organize Denial of Service (DoS) attack. Really, as defined by standard, on Spanning Tree reconfiguration all ports of involved devices does not transfer user frames. Thus, to drop a network (or at least one of its segments) into unusable state it's enough to master STP-capable device(s) to do infinite reconfiguration. It could be realized by initiating elections of, for example, root bridge, designated bridge or root port - practically any of electional object. ``Fortunately'' STP has no any authentication allowing malicious users easily reach this by sending fake BPDU.

August 28 2010

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