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October 11 2009

Lava's IPv6 VLSM / CIDR Reference Chart

# Useable addresses: Network size minus two for Network & Broadcast and: # IPv6 uses 8 sets of 4 hex values, 16 bits each (128bit total) # /48 ISP "site assignments" have 65k possible subnets: bourne$ for a in {1..65536}; do printf "%04X\n" $a; done # Withing a /48, any combination of /49 ---> /64 are valid supernets (departmental, facility, function, other organizational model): $ ipv6gen 2001:0DC6:FF2B::/48 63|more # ...normally three or four more hosts are used for: 1) Switch VLAN1 2) Router Interface or 3) Two HSRP interfaces at .253 & .254 # "Route Summarization" = "Route Aggregation" = "Supernetting" # "terminal ip netmask-format [bitcount|decimal|hex]" on Cisco IOS to show netmasks as Dotted Decimal v.s. Hex # Print this document and keep on wall in cubical at all times. Memorize for fun. Quiz your spouse, offspring, inlaws, etc. # #include <std/disclaimer.h> in the event that a typo within snowballs your entire corporate network
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